Monday, January 27, 2014

From the Lost Downton Purgatory Archives...

SPOILER ALERT:  This was written during episode 3 of season 4.  I've already posted about episode 4...but I found this and can't let it go to waste!  Enjoy!  (PS - Episode 5 post coming soon!) 

Oh Lady Mary...we're so sorry about the phonograph.  Please forgive us.  OK!  Let's get back to dancing!!

Lady Mary's not sure if she's that upset about Matthew...or that she wants to get it on with Lord ____.  Apparently she's digging his scene.

Oooh Mr. Molseley!  (I can never spell his name.)  Yey!  He's got a temp job at Downton!

Lady Mary is bitching about the singer being to late for the help!  Do the help even GET tea??  OMG she's so clueless!!

Poor Mr. Gregson.  He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.  They're never going to accept him.  And I don't know if I can handle watching Edith husband-shop another time.

Oooh a friendly little card game?? Mr. bates is not going to like this!!!  Oooh here he comes!!!

Oy.  Can someone give Carson a drink.  He's so uppity all the time!

Is it me or does the opera singer look dead?  Or like...some kind of wax figure.  I almost want to get my picture taken with her and my instamatic.

Oooh Mr. Greyson is saving the day!  I knew he knew that Sampson was up to no good.

OH MY GOD Anna!!!!  And the wax lady singer is drowning out her cries!!! Oh this is awful!!! That guy is such a douche - you could tell the second he showed up.  And he has the nerve to come back in, buttoning his coat!

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