Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Baby

SPOILER ALERT:  I've watched 5 episodes of Season 3.

OK FIRST - the new kitchen's assistant better keep her mitts OFF Alfred.  He's Daisy's.

OMG Mary's been married like...a week...and she lays around in bed until noon, eating breakfast. It's hilarious.  Like mother, like daughter.  Damn...wish things were like that today.

LOL  Mr. Carson is freaking out because Mrs. Crawley hired a Ethel, aka; a prostitute.  This is delicious.  And I love how Mr. Mosely is the one to bring the cheery news.

Oh geez - poor Sybil!  That fool doctor is going to kill her!  Let Dr. Scot help her, stat!

Maggie Smith line of the night:  "A woman of my age can face reality far better than most men."

OH MY GOD, SYBIL'S DEAD!!!  Oh, I'm so sad.  I've gone through five tissues already!!!  Horrible!!!  PaPA should have LISTENED to Dr. Scotty!!!  I'm SO glad MaMA spoke up and told him so, too.  And in front of the whole family.  That was awesome.  You GO, girl!

And WHAT was that comment from the prison guard about that witch who hates Bates?!  Is she dead?!

Holy crap, I can't believe what a horrendous turn this episode took.  And WOW - let me tell you - I can't believe this aired months ago in the UK and I never stumbled upon it online!  I truly do surf with one eye closed.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Downton Abbey Season Three is Upon Us!

SPOILER ALERT:  I have watched 3 episodes of season 3. 

Wow - Can't believe we're back in the swing of things!

My American salary is higher
than your British salary.
So far I'm not all that thrilled with the character of Martha, played by the ever-awesome Shirley MacLaine.  Is that what the English really think/thought of Americans?  Better yet, is that how Americans really were at that time?  Oh man...I wanted to say "Shut UP about how great America is!"  It got painful to listen to after a while!  It reminded me of the time I was (lucky enough to be) staying at Dromoland Castle in my ancestral home, County Clare, Ireland.  My friend and I - along with our husbands - were sipping Irish coffees while the men played chess.  (It's just that kind of place.)  So these extremely loud Americans came in and were going on and on at top of their lungs...and everyone there stared at them like "Do shut up, please!"  And the more annoyed people got, the louder and drunker they got.  Yeah.  It was embarrassing to say the least.

Where are the many zingers from Maggie Smith that we've seen the last 2 seasons?  They are totally underutilizing her.  Is that because they're trying to wean us off her before she leaves?  And now I'm reading that she's not I don't get it.  The woman is FUNNY.  Write more  funny for her!

Excuse me, do you have the time? anyone really think that wedding between Edith and Sir Anthony was going to take place? When she walked up and said "Good Afternoon", my husband howled.  And I love how he was originally brought into the fold as a possible suitor for Mary after her dalliance with Mr. Pamuk...yet now, all the sudden, he's too old for Edith?  What's that all about??  I love the two of them together.  Although...this season it seems like Edith is just in it for the marriage...whereas he really has feelings for her.  Am I making this up in my head?  This also makes me think they're going to go on of two ways from here.  Either she'll end up with Anthony...or she's going to meet someone else and fall head over heels.  THAT would be a good I'm kindof hoping for it.

Darling, give PaPA
your inheritance or I go
back to the boring hair. 
And speaking of falling head over heels...does Mary even like Matthew anymore?  She's like the black widow...only he's still alive.  Wonder why we didn't get to see the wedding.  It was over in a blip.  Kindof like Mary's feelings for Matthew.
All she seems to be interested in is the money he's going to inherit from Lavinia's father.  (By the way, Lavinia also played Trinity on Sons of Anarchy and I'm finding it a bit cray cray as their characters are wayyyyyy different from one another...but I digress.)

And speaking of Matthew's money...I can't help making comparisons to the movie Arthur this season.  Every time there is mention of them losing Downton because Matthew won't take the money, I giggle myself silly.  All I can think of is Dudley Moore saying "I took the money, I'm not stupid."  Or "Will you make me a tunafish sandwich?"  and "Then we won't spit" when Liza Minnelli tells him they fine you on the subway if you spit.

I'm hot as shit, even
in this stupid hat. 
OK so this new feud between Thomas and O'Brien is both delicious and upsetting.  I love it - and hate it - all at once!  I think I like it better when they're scheming together.  It's more fun.  Now it's like a nail-biter every time I turn it on!

And let's all stop pretending that Rob James Collier isn't the hottest thing on the show...because he is.  It's like a dirty little secret.  I mean LOOK at the man!  ---------------------------------->

And WHAT is up with Mr. Bates?  Sometimes I wonder if he's guilty.  I'm thinking he's about to blow off Anna.  That would be so sad.  He's the only thing keeping her together these days.  He's just so...indifferent.  He used to be  happy and full of life.  Not anymore.  And I get it; he's in jail for cripes sake.  BUT - he's almost wicked now.  Why is that?  I think he needs a little more hubba hubby time with Anna if you know what I mean.  (Have I always been this corny?  Or is it just today?  That last statement was pure cheese.)

There's so much more...  Daisy and the new footman.  What's going to happen there??  She is sweet on's so obvious.  WHY didn't she like poor William?  He looked exactly like this new dude, Alfred...except he wasn't 7 feet tall. (Sheesh. Alfred? No wonder I couldn't remember his name.)

"Mrs. Patmore, Is Cora even sane?"
"Nooo, lass, everybody knows
she's batshit crazy, that one is."
And poor Mrs Hughes.  What a scare!  I love how she and Mrs. Patmore were besties while she was going through everything.  When exactly are she and Carson going to get together?  It's so obvious they're "fond" of one another.  Put the bedsheets down for one second and have a real conversation that doesn't involve the china or Lord Granthom's socks.

Sunday should be good, y'all...stay tuned!