Sunday, January 19, 2014

Boys and Girls

SPOILER ALERT:  I have watched 4 episodes in season 4.

I'm so happy Mary feels "quite refreshed"...aren't you?  We all need some refreshing now and then!

Poor Daisy.  She's never happy.  I think Alfred should go, just like Mrs. Patmore.  All he's doing is upsetting Daisy on a daily basis...and he doesn't even mean to.  This storyline is such a J. Geils Band song in the making.

Sigh...Tom.  He's "been in a glump all day."  I hate when I'm in a glump.  It's truly unbecoming and gives one wrinkles in the long run.

There are no words for the
hotness that emanates from
Rob James-Collier.  Nope.
How about this: How about WE all keep our eyes open, and ON Thomas, since HE is one SMOKIN' jackass hottie.  It's no wonder he won "sexiest male" at the soap opera awards a few years in a row.  I could look at that yum all damn day.  Mmm Hmm.

Poor Anna.  OMG Bates is making her kiss him!  SHITE.  She's going toe tell him she hates him so he doesn't kill that ass driver of Tony's.  Aka "Tony's man".  Bitch, please!  (Not Anna; Tony's man.  Anna's the furthest thing from a bitch.)

I love how they all go to Mrs. Hughes.  Poor Tom.  He's in quite a pickle.  This situation is AWFUL.  I want to kill the new ladies' maid.  I don't even know her name, that's how much I can't stand her.  Edna.  That's it.  Meh.  I truly can't even look at her.

You don't mind if I use you a bit
before I take off and see the world
now do you, Ivy?  Thanks. 
"Would you like some tea?  It's no bother as I'll ring someone else's ass for it."  And is it me or did James take his damn time getting to the sitting room to answer Mary's call??  He's too busy k-i-s-s-i-n-g Ivy in the whatever-it-is room.

I KNEW he was going to propose!!! I KNEW IT!  SHIZ!  What is she going to do?  NO DUDE NO!
You don't want to spend the rest of your life with her!  NO!!!!  OMG he's groveling.  No.  Please.  Save yourself, dude!  She's a MANeater!!!  She doesn't deserve you and your cuteness!!

Admit it.  You hate my pretty, round face.

OMG THE Dowager Countess is disgusted that PaPA is in his BLACK TIE instead of his WHITE TIE.  Oh that's fantastic!  You just can't make that up!!  And he's trying not to hurt Tony's feelings as poor Tony only brought his BLACK tie because he didn't know if Mary would throw his ass out 20 minutes after he got there.

Edith rules.  "I hope that doesn't mean we have to do the washing up."  I thought the same damned thing when I cleaned out my crock pot tonight, too!

Poor Anna.  Don't switch rooms!  Just because you have to dress MaMA AND Lady Mary!  And if you do, make sure you dress MaMA first and let Lady Mary wait a loooong time while MaMA rubs healing salve into her elbows. ;)

Let's kiss passionately and make the
audience feel totally awkward since
Matt's been dead now, what, 2 weeks?
How could Tony expect Mary to say Yes?  Come on now.  Even *I* will defend her on this one. Poor thing.  Now she's even more sad.  And that kiss!  It was awesome...yet so misplaced!  I wanted to get completely lost in it...but I just couldn't!  Kindof like how Lady Mary feels about Tony!  Somehow I don't think this is the last time we'll see him.  BUT - as cute as he is - I think she needs someone more dynamic.  Is it me?

I'm finding Carson very boring tonight.  And that makes me feel guilty because he's got a good heart deep down underneath all that high-and-mightiness.

Edith, you ignorant slut!  I love it!  You GO, girl!  That's what I'M talkin' 'bout!  It's about TIME you and whats-his-name got down to some good lovin'.  Although...WHAT was that thing you signed, sister?  I am a little nervous for you.  PLEASE tell me this guy isn't going to screw your over, too.

You are wishing I'd let Bates
kill that ass now, aren't you?  
Oh Mr. Bates.  I feel so bad.  How long is this storyline going to play out?  It's killing me.  I hate that they messed with happy, strong Anna.  Why do long-running shows always feel like everyone has to evolve?  She was fine the way she was.  No - she was AWESOME the way she was.  We always knew we could count on Anna and her positivity whenever something went wrong...with anyone.  Why take that away from us?

"You're a grown woman...and I'm not a spy."  Um, actually, pretty much are!  And while you're dishing out your extra large spoonful of tsk-tsk, perhaps you'd like to offer some to your own daughter once in a while.  Just sayin'.

That's it for me.  Looking forward to seeing who Thomas is bringing in to be MaMA's ladies' maid next week!

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